One of the Foundation’s main goals is to have institutes and their doctoral students carry out research into various mechanisms of cancer development so as to significantly increase patients’ chances of recovery.

ATH shareholders

The shareholders of ATH Altonaer-Technologie-Holding GmbH are the non-profit Burkhard Meyer Stiftung (Burkhard Meyer Foundation), the Burkhard Meyer Familienstiftung (Burkhard Meyer Family Foundation) and the Fritz Landmann Stiftung Vermögensverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH (Fritz Landmann Asset Management Foundation).

The Burkhard Meyer Foundation, established in 2003 through the contribution of personally held shares, mainly sponsors science and research in the field of childhood cancer, and also – like the Landmann Foundation – vocational training.

Independence from family developments enables selection of the very best managers, ensuring success and continuity over long periods of time in the company’s development.


The Burkhard Meyer Foundation

Since 1904, three generations of the Meyer family have guided the group companies safely through various ups and downs to their modern-day success and international reputation based on pioneering developments in their respective industries.

Since it was not possible to continue the group in the fourth generation and the well-being of the companies and their workforces was to be secured in the long term, there was a strong personal interest in amalgamating the various companies under the common holding umbrella of ATH.

The establishment of a charitable foundation as the main shareholder and a family foundation in 2003 ensured smooth future continuation under the umbrella of ATH.

Clear legal regulations for Hamburg foundations under the supervision of the judicial authority as well as precisely formulated foundation statutes ensure long-lasting planning security for each enterprise as well as for the individuals involved.

The members of the Board of Directors and the Board of Trustees of this non-profit foundation are well-established engineers, business economists and lawyers.

Shares are also held by the Fritz Landmann Foundation

Shares in ATH are also held by Fritz Landmann Stiftung Vermögensgesellschaft mbH. Since its establishment in 1974, its mission has been to promote education and training in the paper manufacturing and processing industry.

As the successor to company founder Wilhelm Landmann, Fritz Landmann expanded his father's business into a successful group. He managed the corrugated cardboard factory Altonaer Wellpappenfabrik and the resulting Panther Wellpappe Group (now Panther Packaging) from 1945 to 1968. The Foundation has provided funding of more than EUR 10 million for projects throughout Germany.

Aims of the Foundation

Promote research – increase the chances of recovery

The motto “More research – more hope” applies both to the Children's Cancer Centre and to the entire ATH Group, which is very closely involved in a wide variety of new technologies and is constantly tapping into new customer groups, for instance with lithium-ion batteries, fuel cells, active ingredient patches, solar and reflective films, as well as carbon fibre composites for aircraft construction.

In addition to revenue from ATH, the proceeds from employee collections have also been donated to the child cancer research institute KINDERKREBS-ZENTRUM Hamburg for many years.


The Foundation also supports excellent research and vocational training, helping individuals and society as a whole to overcome severe problems. What is more, there is no better way safeguard our jobs.