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With over 110 years of experience in mechanical engineering, KROENERT is now the world’s leading supplier of turnkey plant solutions in the field of coating technology for web-type materials such as foil, paper and film. KROENERT regards itself as a driving force behind the development of coating technology. The basis for this is provided by our own research and test centres, where modern, environment-friendly solutions are developed and designed. Based on our reliability and technological leadership, we inspire a high level of trust among customers.

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Sectors in focus

From the idea to the KROENERT line

The possibilities we offer are as individual and diverse as your products. You tell us what you have in mind – and we will recommend the right machine.

Below you will see a number of product groups to help you define your production task. The aim is to give you an initial idea of the kinds of product and production requirements for which machines exist – machines that KROENERT can build for you.

Given the vast range of possibilities, this list is by no means complete. Feel free to give us a call and we can discuss whether we are able to meet your needs.


Line solutions as part of the production/coating of self-adhesive materials such as labels, graphic products, adhesive tapes and protective film, silicone papers and films, embossing films and holograms.

Technical products

Line solutions as part of the finishing/production of photo and photo print papers, papers for transfer coating as well as graphic papers and decor papers.

Paper finishing

Line solutions as part of the production of PVdC-coated materials, products as part of the pharmaceutical industry, laminations, coatings, lacquers and much more besides.

Packaging materials

Line solutions as part of the production of modern, roller-type composite materials and the processing of thermoplastics and thermosettings.


Line solutions as part of the processing of roller-type material into materials for filtration and osmosis as well as materials for the production of catalyst and separator films.


Line solutions as part of the coating of roller-type material for the production of fuel cells, batteries, solar panels.


Renewable energies

The KROENERT line series


RECO – a machine concept with 1000 solutions

The RECO stands for state-of-the-art coating and laminating technology. With its extreme flexibility and individual design, this machine can handle all modern coating and laminating tasks. Configuration can be adapted and set up for the customer to match the specific task in question.


MCO 5000

MCO 5000 – flexibly adaptable and expandable

The MCO 5000 has been a part of the KROENERT product portfolio since the end of 2013. This modular machine can be individually adapted to customer needs and flexibly expanded at any time. The innovative concept of the MCO gives our customers the option to expand the line after completion, allowing subsequent adaptation to increasing market requirements.


EPCO – production of resin films and prepregs

The EPCO is used for the production of resin films and prepregs. In the first process step, a resin film is produced that serves as an intermediate product for impregnating textile substrates. Another machine is used to transfer this resin film to the textile fibres to be impregnated. As a rule, three impregnation machines are sufficient to meet the capacity requirements of resin film production.


LABCO – modular line for small batches

The LABCO is a standard line with a modular design which KROENERT has created especially for the development and small-series manufacture of a wide variety of products. This modular narrow-gauge line was designed as a supplement to the well-established RECO series – and the idea has proven very successful. The concept of the machine is very flexible due to its modular design, and it can be individually adapted to your task by KROENERT.


INCO – film coating on the stretching line

Single and double-sided inline coating of BOPET and BOPP films with the INCO coating concept to improve film properties. It can be integrated in both existing and new film-stretching lines. The INCO range can add value to the production of PET and BOPP films. The coating system is used for single and double-sided coating of adhesive and barrier layers.


PAK – exceptional web feed

Its exceptional web feed makes the PAK 400 an unusual but compact coating and laminating machine. All versions of the compact PAK 400 are versatile roller and slot die coating systems for hotmelts and UV-curable acrylic adhesives. Papers and also polymer films can be coated over the entire surface or in strips. The roller coater 400 and the slot die coater 400 D meet all requirements for the very highest level of precision and performance.