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Ralf Mohrdieck

Our team consists of specialists and all-rounders, thinkers and doers, technicians and business experts – And everyone makes a crucial contribution within the overall scheme of things. We are KROENERT, COATEMA and DRYTEC. We are ATH.


Ralf Mohrdieck

Head of Electrical Engineering

Mr Mohrdieck, why don't you start by telling us something about yourself?

I’m 50 years old and happily married. My wife and I have two girls aged 18 and 20.

What did you do before KROENERT?

I started at Hartmann & Braun AG (formerly Mannesmann Group), developing process control systems. I then worked for 20 years at Nordson Engineering GmbH in Lüneburg, latterly as head of product development for hotmelt systems.

How did you hear about KROENERT?

Through my colleagues at Nordson who were involved in joint projects with KROENERT, for example. One day, a recruiter from KROENERT contacted me and successfully poached me.

What attracted you to KROENERT?

The technologies in process engineering that are new to me and the direct customer contact as an impetus for further development and innovation. Not to mention the advantages of a medium-sized company that is a leader in high-tech special plant construction in the field of coating systems.

Also the fast decision-making processes, the opportunity to take on responsibility and the sense of team spirit.

What are your goals as Head of Electrical Engineering?

Driving innovation, exploring and efficiently implementing the possibilities of Industry 4.0. Also, to promote standardization and modularizations so as to enhance flexibility in project processing, reduce workloads and cut costs.

What exactly do you mean by that?

Recognising the creativity of staff and encouraging it. Restructuring and reorganizing tasks in the Electrical Engineering Technical Office. Strengthening corporate culture and team spirit in the engineering sector. Expanding interdisciplinary work, especially with the Mechanical Engineering Technical Office, Project Planning and Project Management.

In your opinion, what makes a good electrical engineering manager?

When there is trust between staff and management. However, trust cannot be imposed by force or taken for granted. Trust has to be earned if it is to be given. And that can’t be done in a hurry: it takes a long time – time that has to be allowed for and invested.

Trust is built up through respectful and proper dealings with colleagues and also based on openness, which also means: showing your own weaknesses, and allowing criticism (on both sides). The permanent encouragement to express even far-fetched ideas so as to promote creativity and responsibility, and based on the expertise or the will and motivation to want to acquire it.

What keeps you going on a day-to-day basis?

Always being able to learn something new!
Sincere praise!

What is your motto in life?

Rattle The Cage.