Meeting the most rigorous customer demands.

Meeting the most rigorous customer demands.



Your partner for state-of-the-art drive technology

As a company with family roots, we are committed to long-term strategy and sustainable growth. In doing so, we are driven by the aspiration to place first-class quality, innovative spirit and customer orientation at the centre of everything we do.

Our decades of experience make us experts in innovative and reliable drive technology. In order to increase the productivity and efficiency of customer systems, we develop and manufacture high-precision servo gear units, bevel gear units, industrial gear units, worm gear units, gear motors, worm gear sets and custom-made solutions – all exactly according to customer requirements. Our promise: first-class quality, expert advice and individually tailored solutions. Our work is consistently focused on efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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Sectors in focus

Modular gear unit range for every industry requirement

We are well aware that no two industries are the same. Whatever the situation, specifically matched gear solutions always work more effectively.

This is why our comprehensive, modular range of gear units allows numerous combination options so as to be able to meet all industry requirements. Modifications due to special demands can be integrated smoothly and cost-effectively at any time.

For decades, our gear units proved their reliability and cost-effectiveness in a diverse range of applications.
Do you need a custom-made solution? If so, talk to ZAE about it.


Machine tool designs and tasks are extremely diverse, so specialist expertise is required in drive development. And this is exactly what ZAE is able to offer.

Machine tools

In the field of automation, robotics and intralogistics, there is a demand for a high level of cost efficiency combined with reliable quality 24/7 – and ZAE gear units do a first-class job here.

Automation, robotics and intralogistics

In the food industry, smooth production processes and 100% compliance with hygiene requirements are essential. A case for quality gear units made by ZAE.

Food and beverage industry

There is a whole range of standards and sector-specific regulations to be observed when packaging food, cosmetics or pharmaceutical products. ZAE is excellently equipped here.

Packaging industry

The metal industry places rigorous demands on gear units. High forces and torque levels are a particular challenge here, which is why ZAE gear units are often selected.

Steel and sheet metal processing

Stage technology usually requires low-noise gear units and slim housing designs combined with high permissible torque levels. This is where ZAE gears come into their own.

Stage technology

In medical technology or drug manufacturing, gear solutions are needed to meet a diverse range of requirements. The challenges are many and varied – and so are ZAE’s solutions.

Pharmaceutical industry and medical technology

The ZAE products

Worm gear units

Modular ZAE worm gear units provide the basis for an extensive catalogue range.

ZAE worm gear units are smooth-running, featuring a compact design and a high overload capacity. Our extensive catalogue range covers individual requirements in terms of transmission ratio, operating conditions and efficiency. If requirements go beyond this, ZAE gear units can be modified on request, or else custom-made gear units can be developed in collaboration with the ZAE experts.

Servo gear units

True masterpieces – after all, servo technology requires a high level of expertise

Different applications need different drive solutions – and servo technology in particular requires a high level of expertise in order to select the optimum drive. ZAE supplies products developed to meet the most rigorous demands in the field of servo technology. SERVO-DRIVE – the flagship presented at the end of 2019 – is particularly impressive with its high power density, low circumferential backlash, high torsional rigidity and outstanding reliability.

Bevel gear units

Robust gear units in grey cast iron and stainless steel

The extensive range of bevel gear units in the ZAE catalogue is also based on a modular system. If customers do not find a suitable product for the desired application, ZAE’s high level of in-house production allows every part on the gear unit to be modified on a customer-specific basis. In addition to grey cast iron, the robust gear units are also available in stainless steel at the customer’s request. Feel free to contact the ZAE experts!

Individual custom-made gear units

Individual solutions to meet individual requirements

ZAE’s decades of experience enable us to develop customized gear units and entire drive solutions within a short time and produce them in-house so as to meet individual requirements. Modern production facilities enable us to produce custom-made gear units in small series very cost-effectively. We are also able to produce series of several thousand gear units per year. The ETA DRIVE geared motor is a good example of the development of an application-optimized drive with a high degree of efficiency and a smooth, easy-to-clean surface for applications involving rigorous hygiene requirements.