The ATH group in a C2 exklusive interview: Bundled competences for the markets of the future

Dr Tarik Vardag is managing director of the ATH Group as well as the operating units KROENERT, COATEMA und DRYTEC. Dr Andreas Giessmann is a former managing partner at COATEMA and has been employed at ATH since the beginning of 2021.

C2: Dr Vardag, Dr Giessmann, ATH Altonaer Technologie Holding has become more present in the external image of the group companies as an umbrella brand. At the same time, the individual companies are still strongly perceived as such. What role does the umbrella brand play in your external communication?

Dr. Tarik Vardag: It is quite intentional that we communicate the umbrella brand to the outside world! Including all operating
companies, ATH is one of the largest system suppliers in the coating industry and has a very broad spectrum. Through COATEMA, our family has once again been significantly expanded. It is important to emphasise, however, that ATH does not have its own operational business activities – this task falls to the individual companies. Our goal is clearly to strengthen the individual brands and companies by making them part of ATH.

Dr Andreas Giessmann: ATH can show the customer very clearly, which core compe- tences we have bundled under one roof. We can now offer them everything from a product idea to a fast-running production plant com- pletely from one source.

Dr. Tarik Vardag: The name “Altonaer Technologie Holding” is in a way also a programmatic statement, because we promote a distinctive culture of innovation in the companies and thus also secure the necessary technological edge.

The whole interview (PDF) 


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