Burkhard Meyer Foundation

Since 1904, three generations of the Meyer family were leading the company group since safely through ups and downs with ground-breaking developments in the respective industries, reaching today's successes and international reputation.

As it was not possible have a forth generation continue running the company group and as the aim was to secure long-term wellbeing of the group and the workforce, they had a strong personal desire to enforce the integration of the different companies under one roof - the ATH.

With the formation of the non-profit foundation and a family foundation in the year 2003 and at the same time bundling (today 90%) the ATH shares personally held by Burkhard Meyer until then, it became possible to secure a smooth continuation of the company under the roof of the ATH Holding. 

Unambiguous legal regulations for foundations in Hamburg under the supervision of the judicial authority ensure long-term planning security for the individual companies and their surroundings.

The foundation council and the board of trustees of the foundation are constituted by experienced engineers, business administrators and lawyers.