Since 1903, KROENERT develops, designs and produces customer-specific turnkey production lines in the field of technology for coating web-shaped materials. The product range comprises not only complete production lines but also an extensive scope of rewinders and unwinders, over 60 modular coating systems and state-of-the-art dryer, humidifier and laminating units. Products made with KROENERT machines are used for flexible packaging, in technical applications and clean technologies.

The company offers an extensive service: A team of specialists is ready to advise the customers determining their needs, supports them in developing the processes, is at their side during the trials in the Technology Center and finally installs a turnkey production line. Maintenance, repair and spare parts delivery is done all over the world by specialised teams.

KROENERT see themselves as developmental driving force in coating technology, together with our customers we use our own test centre to develop environment-friendly and innovative solutions. The company is based in Hamburg, Germany.