Burkhard Meyer Foundation

To keep and expand the different companies under the roof of ATH Holding is a personal concern for Burkhard Meyer and therefore he ensured a smooth transition by setting up an unambiguous succession plan at an early stage.

For three generations, the family Meyer managed the company group, overcoming very different challenges in that time. The grandfather, Hans-Jens Meyer, began his career as an engineer for KROENERT in 1904 and bought 50 % of the company shares over the years. Since then, the family has been steering the company safely through ups and downs, surviving wars and economy crises with financial squeezes, celebrating moments of success with groundbreaking developments and establishing a large international customer pool.

To continue having the company group managed by the family was unfortunately not possible.

But Burkhard Meyer wanted to ensure the well-being of the company with the employees, therefore it was important for him to set the course in time to keep any problems away from the company. And the best option to ensure these goals was to bundle his company shares into two foundations which today have 90 % of the company shares and voting shares.

With the creation of the non-profit Burkhard Meyer Foundation in 2003, Burkhard Meyer thus ensured smooth continuation of the different companies under the roof of the ATH Holding.

A foundation is always independent of the life of the founder; it is subject to unambiguous legal and tax-related regulations and thus is provides planning security to a company. The board of trustees of the Burkhard Meyer Foundation, comprising a technical expert, a business expert and a legal expert, are responsible for electing the foundation council and appoint together with said council the individual managing directors within the company group.  

The supervisory body of the foundation in turn is the judicial authority of Hamburg.

Here here you find more about the charitable aim of the foundation.

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