Aim of the foundation

The early death of this wife and his social responsibility induced Burkhard Meyer to establish a charitable foundation in 2003 and to give it the majority of the shares of the ATH company group.

The major aim of the foundation is and will be in future to support doctoral candidates in long-term research of different formation mechanisms of cancer diseases with the aim to improve significantly chances of recovery for young people.

Apart from ATH gains, the employees also regularly collect and raise money to go to the research institute KINDERKREBS-ZENTRUM Hamburg (child cancer centre Hamburg).

The credo "More research - more hope" applies both to the child cancer centre and the entire ATH company group which intensively deals with most different new technologies and keeps targeting new customer groups for example those who deal with lithium-ion batteries, fuel cells, active ingredient patches, solar and reflecting foils as well as carbon fibre composites for aeroplane engineering.



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