Drying is an essential process in coating system and also has a major impact on product quality and efficiency. The DRYTEC experts have decades of experience in production line construction, dealing with design, thermodynamics and materials processing. Since the founding in 1995, they play an important role in the business success of the KROENERT group.

In the 1990s, mechanical engineering in Germany was going through a major crisis. The economy had collapsed, competition had become more fierce, suppliers of cheap products were entering the market. When a competitor of KROENERT in Hamburg had to file insolvency in 1995, a team of specialists for drying and humidifying technology was suddenly available on the job market.

KROENERT management secured this expertise by founding the DRYTEC Trocknungs- und Befeuchtungstechnologie GmbH & Co. KG, in which the entire team found a new employer. This decision soon paid off. Today, DRYTEC is the world-wide leading supplier in this industry.

The portfolio includes both turnkey drying systems and special lines offering a solution for almost every converting product. Apart from high drying capacity, easy maintenance and cost efficiency, the wide product range is a main advantage for the customers. DRYTEC offers several dryers for various applications such as drying aqueous and solvent-containing media or the meshing of pre-polymer systems.

KROENERT production lines are equipped with high-quality DRYTEC dryers and thus provide the best possible technical and qualitative performance to our customers.

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