BMB (Bachofen + Meier AG)


The Swiss Bachofen + Meier AG is part of the KROENERT  group since 2003.

Founded in 1945 in the Swiss Bülach/ZH  as manufacturer of machines for metal processing and wax paper coating. In the 60s, the company specialised on the design and production of machines for lacquer coating, coating and lamination of paper, film and foils and gain a high reputation all over Europe. This business segment became more and more important, while metal processing became less so. Thus, BMB was active in the same market segment as KROENERT in Germany.

Many technological milestones of the industry are based on the research and development in BMB. For example, the company introduced suspension dryers to Europe in the mid-70s, developed the then largest silicone and pressure-sensitive adhesive unit in the 90s and in the early 2000s the high speed curtain coater.

In the 90s, the Jagenberg AG, a daughter of the German Rheinmetall Group, bought the major share of BMB, and in 2003 the house of KROENERT  took over 100%  of the shares of this Swiss company.

Initially, both companies were managed independently under the joint roof of KROENERT and together were the largest manufacturer of high performance coating machines for film, foil and paper world-wide. The sites in Hamburg and Bülach first remained active. By pooling the sections research and development, production and sales, we could utilise synergies. The know-how of two hightly qualified teams complemented each other, the product range was expanded for the greater use of the customers who benefitted strongly from this bundle of compentence.

Finally in 2013, operative business was merged in Hamburg for cost reasons.There, in the service centre, all questions regarding spare parts, repair and maintenance are coordinated to this day.

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